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Leonidas S. Andres, MD

General Surgeon

Dr. Leonidas Andres along with his wife Del, have resided in Anahuac for over 30 years. He established his practice of family medicine and general surgery on November 1979 and ever since has continued to provide excellent patient care to Southeast Texas.  Andres Medical Clinic is dedicated to treating patients regardless of insurance or economic status. Indeed, medical services are provided to all persons seeking care, including Medicare, Medicaid and indigent patients. For some, this is the difference between receiving proper medical care or none at all.

In addition to the commitment to serve all persons requiring medical care, Andres Medical Clinic strives to provide the kind of modern and diversified care typically found only in larger metropolitan areas. We are constantly upgrading and improving our standards of care to meet the rapid development in the ever-changing medical science and technology field.

“Today my primary goal is to create an atmosphere of confidence that utilizing our local hospitals for your medical needs is a safe and sensible decision in which you can feel secure and comfortable.”

Dr. Leonidas S. Andres